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Juste Etre is more than just a brand that specializes in handmade earrings. Each piece is a work of art; a way to express your personality, a mood elevator, a confidence booster, and a day brightener to say the least. Juste Etre represents your character and style.

Hello and welcome!

I'm Kat Onyirioha the designer and founder of Juste Etre; a first generation Nigerian-American creative-introvert rebel that was born into a family of conservatives raised in Houston, Texas. Just to give you a personal feel of the woman behind the brand.

Growing up I always had a passion for arts and crafts, that combined with my desire for individuality, self expression and self-love motivated me to start making earrings for myself. When I started creating these pieces, it wasn’t just about fashion to me. I pulled design inspirations from various cultures, art, music, and my Nigerian heritage.

Overtime, I began to focus more on the mood or feeling that I wanted my earrings to exude instead of just what outfit I could pair them with. My earrings began to gain a deeper meaning to me the more I created them.

The pieces boosted my level of confidence while wearing them; it kept my creativity alive when I had less time to create things as I pursued my bachelor’s and master’s degree; and it was a constant reminder for me to know and love myself as I am.

A year after attaining my MBA I decided to turn my passion for making earrings

into a business that is constantly growing to this day


Juste Être

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