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tabletop vendors



We accept all variety of vendors so long as they are safe, permitted, and to the integrity of the company and our hosting locations.

We allow vendors to profile themselves in order for event hosts and potential customers to discover our free directory of all profiles.

Vendors can pick and choose from the collection of events we post and book them according to his/her's availability.

event scheduling



Hosting locations will pick their desired vendors among the corresponding who book the location's event date(s).

Vendors who booked these dates are advocating their availability and desire to attend, but it is the location's responsibility to pick-and-choose which among them they want.

Accepted vendors are notified and subsequently will attend the upcoming event(s).

pop up markets




Locations post their desired event dates, along with all the necessary details concerning the event theme and vendor capacity.

Locations use us to discover all their local artisans, and to post event schedules for those vendors to book into here online.

With a continuously growing community of vendors, locations can rotate to fill their event spaces from all the vendor variety available to them.

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