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At Knotty Woodworx, you’ll find one-of-a-kind wooden crafts, such as cutting boards, serving trays, succulent planters, wall art and much more. I am very dedicated to all hand-built production. All of my wood crafts are made by hand from start to finish. Each piece is designed and crafted by me in my shop. I pick out quality woods from a local Houston hardwood supplier and make each individual cut myself. I then design the patterns of each board and assemble the wood to make unique products. My favorite product has to be our cutting boards, which are finished to a smooth surface and hand-rubbed with a combination mineral oil and beeswax, so they are food-safe and ready to use, even if they look too pretty to cut on! The boards are then coated with more wax and buffed to a soft, smooth, shine. The finishing process seals the wood and protects the board while allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty of the wood. We do not use stains, so the color you see reflects the natural color of the wood. Crafted in my home woodshop in the middle of Houston, Texas, these handmade crafts make beautiful gifts that are sure to impress.


Knotty Woodworx

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