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Our family has always enjoyed the Mexican tradition of eating Chilaquiles for breakfast, brunch and dinner. Now we want to share our recipes with you.

CHILESQUILES® products are made in Texas, handcrafted in small batches with fresh, natural, and quality ingredients with the purpose of sharing the tradition of homemade cuisine.

Our food products are artisanal, original, and always made with care bringing you authentic homemade recipes in every jar of cooking sauces, salsas and now corn tortilla chips.

There is a high demand in the market of authentic tasting, and fresh-crafted flavors and CHILESQUILES® has experience a great response in its hometown Houston, TX.

The name CHILESQUILES® was influenced by the Nahuatl word CHILAQUILES that means “Chilis and Greens” as well as the comforting delicious namesake dish that inspired us to share our unique sauce recipe.

Our line of sauces and salsas are made for cooking, topping or just dipping with chips. Most of our customers agree that everything taste better with Chilesquiles !.



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