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  • How do I become a participating vendor?
    If you operate your own popup business, especially in the form of tablestop vending, you may submit your contact information in our JOIN US tab and from there begin booking in our scheduling system hosted in the BOOK EVENTS tab.
  • How do I know if my business is a fit for any events posted?
    Through our experience, as well as from the request of the hosting properties, we list a myriad of business categories that we generally know customers will buy from. Despite most popup vendors selling a multitude of different products, our listed categories are to choose from are meant to be representative of what a vendor focuses on as their core business. If you don't see your category, you may email us to inquire about how to participate by us adding your category to the list of event postings.
  • How can Pop Shop Spaces help my event onboard vendors?
    We welcome any and all properties wanting to, or already doing so, host popup shop or farmers market events. There is never a charge for properties to be partnering event hosts with Pop Shop Spaces. We supply vendors, promotional resources, and event onsite event mangement when needed.
  • What is the difference between a Pop Up Shop and a Farmers Market?
    The presence of specifically one or more produce farmers at the event is a pretty fair determinant to the two different types of events, where produce farmers generally need more specific circumstances that make their offerings more conducive to the guests attending the event. Morning events are usually the best fit timeframes for produce farmers.
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