Frequently Asked Questions

I am a pop-up vendor. How do I join?

All participating vendors pay only a $35/month membership in order to book any-and-all locations-events as there are still available spaces left. Booking is completely managed onnline, for whenever each vendor wish to plan their schedules accordingly. Members can book as far in-advance as the event allows. It is our expectation that vendors remain members leading up to their booked dates, otherwise risk being not allowed to participate at the time of the event date. When events fill up, they are no longer available to book online, so it is best to grab all dates you can commit to early. Follow these steps to join: 1) select "Event Scheduling" in the navigation menu 2) select your appropriate category at the top of the event list 3) select any desired event listed below the categories 4) proceed to book available date-and-time that appear from the calendar of available dates that appear below the selected event 5) during only the first time trying to book as a non-member will our system ask you to join our membership for which you can input your payment card directly or connect your PayPal account for extra security

As a member vendor, how do I maintain my membership?

Our system will automatically bill your inputted payment information every 30 days from the start date of you joining. Cancelled card information will be detected and prevent members from adding new events-locations. You may cancel your membership at any time, and retain attending any events within the remaining days of your last payment cycle of your then cancelled membership.

I am a location. How do I create an event for which I intend to use Pop Shop Spaces as the coordinator for?

Please email or call us in regards to creating a new event with you. There is NO FEE for working with us, but we will have to meet and see the location to see the viability of the proposed event. 682-463-9490

I am an event manager of an already established event. How do I benefit from Pop Shop Spaces?

Just as a new event would, you would need to contact to in order to see how we can help support your event. We are a free service to events and locations. 682-463-9490